Due to the pandemic, no W A V E S exhibition took place in 2021.

The W A V E S A W A R D

The W A V E S A W A R D was born to mark each exhibition with a special art piece. Furthermore, the award serves to support, promote and fund the association through art and creative cooperations.

The first 2019 W A V E S A W A R D was designed and created by the founder of the association, Swiss artist and sailor Anthony Bannwart. The award has been created from bronze and recycled wood. It is a self-standing sculpture and remains in GSTAAD at the association´s headquarters. The award was made possible from proceeds of the first W A V E S exhibition and donated to the association.

The second W A V E S A W A R D entitled „a physical phenomenon of recycled bronze remains“ (2021) was also created by Anthony Bannwart with the intention to relaunch the W A V E S – art initiative for the oceans traveling exhibition after the covid pandemic. This donated artwork consists of a bronze piece set in a large steel frame. It represents a planetary structure and what the world would look like when water is no longer existent. This award is on view at the art gallery Studio Naegeli in Gstaad.